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Online car insurance leads for car insurance agents

Online car insurance leads, which are a fairly new development in the industry and a product of the booming Internet age, have significantly changed the way auto insurance providers operate. In years past, someone looking to shop for car insurance would typically go to the Yellow Pages, turn to the "car insurance" listing, peruse the display ads that looked promising and then start making phone calls. This process could be tedious and confusing, often convincing the would-be comparison shopper to quit after just a couple of calls.

Today, nearly three-quarters of all car insurance policies sold in the United States are reported to have been initiated by an online search. This has instigated significant changes in the way the car insurance industry does business. It has also injected an element of competition not before seen between companies vying for your insurance dollars. It has also altered the way companies and car insurance agents procure insurance leads with many online sites now making them available in numbers never before possible.

Sales leads are the lifeblood of every car insurance agent's success in business. Obtaining quality online car insurance leads for prospective clients has always been a main priority in the job of selling car insurance and there have always been a variety of ways these can be obtained, some more productive than others. Car insurance agents know that there's no such thing as "too many leads" and the successful ones are always trying to come up with ways to acquire more and better ones.

Online car insurance leads have become a boon to those desiring a continuous flow of contacts and auto insurance providers have quickly learned how to not only generate their own online car insurance leads but also to obtain quality leads from third parties. Chief among these are car insurance comparison sites that offer to do your car insurance comparison-shopping for you. Many feature quotes from the top auto insurance providers.

All the major car insurance providers, the big names in the business, maintain well-developed websites where most offer visitors access to free car insurance quotes. They simply require the visitor to fill out a brief online application and, upon receipt, will return a quote for the type of policy in which the applicant is interested in obtaining.

Once the application information has been submitted, the company now has all the data they need to be able to target you as a new, potential client. Comparison sites use basically the same process, with the data you provide them being turned into an online car insurance lead that they may offer for sale to a car insurance agent. It's a streamlined system that is quite productive as some of the popular sites may have thousands of visitors daily.

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