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Telltale Signs of High-quality Car Insurance Lead Providers

There are several signs to watch for when purchasing insurance leads that can lead to locating high-quality car insurance lead providers. Since there are so many companies both online and offline that are competing for the same set of clients, it is vital to understand what constitutes high-quality car insurance lead providers, so that money spent on car insurance leads is well spent and pays off in new customers.

The first question to answer when scouting for sources of high-quality car insurance lead providers is whether the leads are exclusive or shared. Most car insurance leads that are available for sale will be shared. The lead generation company sells the same leads to more than one car insurance agent. There are theoretically several car insurance agents calling on the same lead to ask for their business. Shared leads will be cheaper and easier to obtain, but will most likely not result in the same percentage of new customers as exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are leads that are not sold to any competitor, and for this reason are more difficult to come by and more expensive when they are available.

The next sign of high-quality car insurance lead providers is how delivery is managed. Car insurance leads should be delivered as they are generated, which means that delivery happens instantaneously when the customer is identified, or when the customer indicates that they are a prospect. This is a very high-quality prospect and car insurance lead lists with these types of prospects are primed and ready for follow up. It is also important to remember that in all purchases, quality will be priced appropriately for the market. Finding purported high-quality car insurance leads at bargain discount prices may be a red flag that the quality will not be worth the financial investment in that particular list. Testing small quantities of any car insurance lead list is a wise first step before making a big investment.

Perhaps the most telltale sign of a high-quality car insurance lead provider is one that consistently performs well over time. While a lead generation service may consistently provide high-quality car insurance leads overall, there may be certain services that have a higher percentage of leads that correspond more closely to prospects who may be interested in some car insurance products. Trying several car insurance lead providers to see which ones deliver the highest percentage of quality leads that are most closely targeted to the sales team's ideal prospect will ensure the highest quality.