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We Are Committed to Providing Top-quality Service to Agents in Our Network!

We are looking for car insurance agents to join our team. Agents must have access to multiple car insurance companies, commitment to quality customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled advocacy.

We create partnership with auto insurance agents across the country and use our advanced, SEO friendly websites to send exclusive leads to our assigned agents. We attract customers directly from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and many others. Once accepted in our program, we will direct every customer in your city requesting quotes on our websites to you. Our agents never compete with each other because we select only one qualified agent per city to eliminate competitions. We are confident in our ability to out-perform "any" auto insurance lead providers in the nation!

What to Look for when Buying Car Insurance Leads:

Features BuyAutoInsuranceLeads Our Competitors
Leads Per Agent 1 Qualified Agent/City Up to 5 Agents
Speed Real-time Real-time
Lead Type 100% Exclusive Leads Shared Leads
Delivery Options Email, CRM and more Email, CRM and more
Filters Selected City Custome Filter for a Fee
Price 99.95/mo + Other Services $10-$12/Lead
Lead Generated Our Premium Websites Through Outside Affiliates
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